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Welcome to Sunrise Nursery,LLC
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Welcome to Sunrise Nursery, LLC

Welcome to Sunrise Nursery, LLC, where we specialize in producing drought tolerant trees, shrubs, cacti and much more for an arid climate. You can use our plant material in urban parks, new developments, streets, freeway projects, and golf courses.

As a wholesale grower, we supply landscape contractors, landscape maintenance companies, municipalities with premier trees, shrubs, palms trees, cacti, and citrus for small or large commercial or residential projects.

We ship our products to the entire Southwest and provide plant material dedicated for  arid climates. We do this by offering a level of expertise, affordable prices, and willingness to go the extra mile for each and every customer. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect trees and plants for a landscape that will not only look beautiful, but will thrive in its natural climate. By choosing sustainable landscaping, you can help maintain the natural splendor and resources of the Southwest region. 

 We will closely work with you to discover your needs, preferences, and offer great ideas along the way. People keep choosing us because we love serving them, forging lasting relationships that allow us to anticipate their needs for years to come. Visit our nurseries or contact us to get started.

Here at Sunrise we celebrate Earth Day everyday!!!

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