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Arid Plants and Drought Tolerant Trees
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Drought Tolerant Trees

Trees are an essential part of a sustainable landscape project. They are the largest plants and render the greatest benefit. In addition to their natural beauty, they provide much-needed shade and cooler temperatures , thus lowering energy costs; they attract more biodiversity; they protects against water erosion; and much more. Trees can help homeowners, businesses, and communities save money and increase aesthetic appeal.

They come in different sizes and shapes. They should be chosen for their function and beauty in the landscape project. They can be used for screening and privacy, shading from the summer heat, or attractive views.

Here at Sunrise Nursery we custom grow every one of our trees with stringent specifications so that they can meet the needs of our customers. We have different varieties of arid trees to fit every sustainable landscape project from desert to tropical, whether it be residential, commercial, or municipal.

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